Edinburgh International Book Festival

Fatima Bhutto

Probably a dozen photographers flocked to the Edinburgh International Book Festival to snap Fatima Bhutto. The rest of us hardy souls stayed from 10-7pm diligently photographing every author who crossed our path.

So it’s a great time to practice your portrait skills, and vary the light as much as possible. In fact doing just that is an essential survival technique – otherwise your best opportunity could become ground hog day.

Ruth Padel

Trying to coax a little reaction out of the subjects can be harder than expected. There they are, standing on a green infinity screen and all they can see is half a dozen cameras staring unflinchingly at them, with lights flashing off at the slightest movement. That’s what I imagine escaping from prison is like.

Michael McAllester

However this final task is significantly aided if, as happened during Michael Faber’s shoot, a photographer’s light stand collapses on top of him, bringing down a few other flashguns on the way. Apart from mine. It wasn’t a conspiracy. Honest guv.

Michael Faber


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