Aztec Opera anyone?

The fall of the Aztec empire, to music? With a chainmail armour made out of ring-pulls? You must be at the Edinburgh International Festival…

… and if you don’t generally ‘do’ opera, it’s all very odd, kind of like a murderous High School Musical, but with a foam heart prop. Montezuma opens with a human sacrifice scene and reports of the Spaniards’ arrival, but the good king doesn’t seem to mind and in fact welcomes them. I wanted to shout ‘Don’t do it!’ but I think that kind of behaviour is frowned upon – best leave that till the pantomime season.

The close of the act I saw shows the Queen dressed in ceremonial robes and blindfolded whilst being pushed by the Spanish captain rather sexually with a stick. If I’d been reading the translation screen I could tell you why, but multitasking failed me this time.

But seeing as she was being presented as all vulnerable, I thought it a lovely idea to picture her engulfed in darkness to conclude my photographs.


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