The Bee Man

If you’re photographing bees, don’t wear loose fitting clothing. It’s a simple rule, but quite pertinent when faced with a dozen hives….

… but John did give me plenty of warning. Kitting up outside the car, my first introduction to bee behaviour was “basically – they hate you”.

He’s built this little cottage industry up from scratch so having bumped into him selling his wares at the Kinghorn Ecology Centre I thought he’d be a perfect subject for the ‘Fife Diet’ feature I’d been set by Scotland on Sunday. And a gentleman he was, lending me a spare hat and gloves and bodging the gaps with tightly woven parcel tape.

But like an errant child I still managed to leave a gaping hole. I didn’t mind the lovely draught from my jacket hanging loosely around my waist until one of his charges decided to remind me of his advice. But don’t worry dear reader, I didn’t cry.


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