Look Mum, An Ethical Shellfish!

What’s the biggest attraction on the Royal Mile? Street performers with fire? Nope, crabs. And they’re ethical ones…

…That doesn’t mean they ponder the rights and wrongs of existence (though who knows?). But that Guy Grieve’s Ethical Shellfish Company have landed them with traditional, non-destructive techniques.

Guy is one of those action men that everyone secretly wishes to be. He set fire to his corporate suit in 2004 and is now wedded to the wilderness. A year in Alaska was followed by a year sailing trip round the world, and he brought his wife and two kids along for that one. He’s calmed down now, living on the Isle of Mull and diving up to four times a day fishing by hand for scallops, along with line caught fish and crabs reclaimed from the ocean with traditional creels.

Conventional wisdom may say it’s a bad time to start a business, but with the discerning customer of Scotland’s top restaurants now demanding ethically sourced food, he’s hit the zeitgeist.

His website’s still in construction, but go on, give him a bell anyway.

The Ethical Shellfish Company

Guy Grieve with his catch on the Royal Mile


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