Spam. A lot

Eric Idle mimicks the photographer's pose

So how do you get Eric Idle to pose with a tin of spam. Ask him…

…it’s as easy as that. Alright, he had a pyramid of spam tins hanging about the interview room so he couldn’t have been too surprised, but the PR expressed a little scepticism. However as a man who as carved a career in comedy Idle quickly appreciated that it could be shot in a way, that’s hopefully dear reader, not rubbish.

Of course I handed him two cans at first to which he asked, “What do you want me to do? Juggle them?!”. Yes Mr Idle, yes I do. I might have implied the action but Eric was the first to suggest it so he could hardly refuse. Unfortunately my trigger happiness caused my flash to pass out after a dozen frames, but I’d got what I wanted.

And although the portrait was designed to coincide with the launch of Spamalot at the Edinburgh Playhouse it’s been drummed into me to “always, always get a safe shot”, so in the space of roughly 5 minutes I managed to bag a few straight portraits and a little bit of the man’s playfulness.


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