The Great Trump Bun Fight

I’ll hold my hands up for being off the pace with this one, but spare a thought for the busy snapper dear reader(s), I’ve had a right run around with jobs the length and breadth of Scotland in the last week.

So, Donald Trump. I’ve wrote about his golf club on my old website after I met the opponents. And now, a year later I photographed ‘Mr Trump’ as his entourage refer to him twice in two days. That’s 400 miles there and back, there and back.

So what’s he like? Well who knows, I merely met him for five minutes for a Spectrum Magazine portrait where he insisted on wearing a baseball cap, in bright sunshine. An irksome combination. And yes it was a ‘Trump International’ branded baseball cap.  It’s of course up to him how he represents himself and he’s bigger than me so who am I to argue?

Trump receiving his Robert Gordon University scroll the following day attracted more photographers than minor royalty. And more security people. And more security vans. In fact he wasn’t far off the pope in media circus terms.

But one thing he didn’t attract in great numbers was protesters. Maybe 30 turned out at the end of his honourary degree crowning, not the mass movement I had been inclined to expect. What’s happened to Tripping Up Trump? Has the wind gone out of their sails? Or is this the tale of two smallish factions floating in a sea of apathy? If you’re a local I’d be keen to hear your perspective.

With so many photographers there is the inevitable bun fight. And to the untrained eye us press snappers are no different from paps. Chaos ensue as snappers jostle to take Trumpy’s ‘You’re Fired!’ picture, but really it is almost organised. There’s an initial rush to get the best position but after that a quick ‘duck your head’ request is usually complied with and if we’re all in a good mood we even swap positions. But only if you’re known to others of course. However in such a rush there’s no time to tie your shoelace so have a chortle at this picture with mine trailing along in the background.


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