Baby animals everywhere

I must apologise dear reader(s) for my long absence. As a professional photographer I have plenty of plausible, but possibly not true, excuses with which to regale you with. But just imagine them for now, for as my tutor once said ‘I want pictures, not excuses’. So on with the pictures. Edinburgh Zoo have been popping out babies, and here’s two of them.

Ant-eaters are not Aardvarks and Aardvarks are not ant-eaters. Remember that fact fans. This is a giant ant-eater. And that is its already huge baby clinging to her back, where it will stay for around a year before bothering to walk any distance. There were, I think, 6 photographers at this Edinburgh Zoo photocall right at the very top of the considerable hill the zoo clings to. And being late I had to run the furthest I’ve done in about four years (grand total of 300 yards).

Shot through grimy glass and grass I managed a few frames of note. Other more punctual snappers grabbed more. However, you won’t have seen any Giant Ant Eaters in the papers. Why? Well on the very same day a baboon escaped its enclosure, conveniently after the witnesses to history had scarpered, spiking everyone’s work.

And who thought vomiting birds could be so cute? Ahh! They also stink mind. And not in a cute way. This is a baby gentoo penguin of which there are plenty at Edinburgh Zoo, go see them and hold your nose.

This again has been shot through glass. But that excuse is actually bogus. When you use a long lens with a narrow depth of field thin objects at the very front of the lens disappear, making only a minor impact on an image. That’s why you can shoot through a chain link fence if you have the optic almost against the wire. A little snapper secret that’s very useful when you’re photographing stuff you shouldn’t.


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