Who lives in a house like this..?

A lovely couple who are generous with the lemon drizzle cake, that’s who. And the coffee, in fact I was invited to stay for lunch. All this generosity has led me to this conclusion: I like interior photography. It’s also quite challenging photographically speaking too…

And it was never a genre that I’d expect to find, well, interesting. But if photography is as much about meeting the people as it is about the shutter clicking, then it really is ideal for me.

Having bought basically a shell, the couple enlisted the architect Svein J Mjeldhelm, of Scandivanian extraction but now settled in Fife and he proudly showed me around his work and explained the concepts behind it.

The result? An open plan house, without the emptiness that sometimes results. A modern building with a cosy feel, not with endless, unused rooms, but packed full of character – like a mezzanine in the master bedroom and two living rooms, one smaller with a telly and a larger more central room without the goggle-box. A real haven.

And in photographic terms interiors are superb. A test of composition, finding interesting lines and trying to lead the viewer through the architect’s vision. And there’s the exposure balance to strike: you have both dark shadows and bright windows in your frame. While you can use flash I often prefer a more natural approach, leaving the ambient light to fall as it may. It’s not just the estate agent’s snaps.


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