Returning to Yorkshire, and college

I took this picture whilst at college and still using film. It is one of my favourites


I was taking someone's picture a while ago when they asked 'How long have you been working there then?'. Five years I replied, 'Probably time you moved on then' was the slightly cutting, but sage advice.

So I have. In addition to continuing my freelance work, from December 10th I will be working in the Hull College of Art and Design in their photography department. Initially I'm in a support role, but the college were keen to have me and I will start teacher training immediately and then a PGCE next year too. Which is a huge commitment on their part.


But the real point of the post is this. If you were to change how photography is taught, what would you do? I've been brought in specifically for my industry experience and have plenty of ideas how to reshape photography training to make it more relevant, and raise the students' standards. I've had students on work experience with more years in college than I had who still hold their camera like a tourist. I've had others that have of course blown me away with their skill. But most have had a common complaint, they don't feel they are progressing quickly enough, or learning enough.


I've also been asked to design new evening classes and other courses. So far I'm developing the idea of a low light based course, and a week intensive summer school. But you might have more ideas.


So if you have recently left a course, or are still doing one, what is the one thing you would want to see changed, or added to the course? For me it's faster deadlines, professional briefs and making more use of the other students at college (all those acting students need a headshot right?). It's not reinventing the wheel, but you never know the stress of regular and conflicting deadlines until you have had it thrust on you the moment you walk through the door.




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